The first "house": Palhavã

The first Lisbon Amusement Park opened on June 10, 1943. It was installed in Palhavã, where today you can see the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. It is also the place where, 45 years before, the Lisbon Zoo was installed. The place was called José Maria Eugénio Park.

An idea of ??João Pereira Rosa, director of the newspaper "O Século", with the goal to collect funds for the holiday camp of the newspaper.

The Amusement Park was opened by the President of the Republic, General Óscar Carmona, and the Minister for Public Works, Duarte Pacheco.

"Luna Parque" was the name of the Amusement Park, which gathered tens of thousands of people (some sources talk about 90.000) for the opening.

It had several exhibition pavilions, one of them from the Lisbon Municipality.

There had already been other Amusement Parks in Lisbon, with different characteristics and objectives. Feira Franca, Feira do Lumiar, Feira do Campo Grande, Feira de Santos and Feira de Alcântara are some examples.