Amusement Park online to listen Lisbon

The new Lisbon Amusement Park is getting closer and closer. The construction works in Carnide will begin soon and the Lisbon Municipality created a website to listen to the citizens opinion. The presentation took place on World Children's Day because, stated Fernando Medina, "it is time for the city to pay its debt to the many children who have been deprived of the Amusement Park for more than a decade".

In the presence of many children and in an amusement park environment, among popcorns, cotton candy and a show by Chapitô artists, the Mayor of Lisbon, Fernando Medina, presented this Wednesday, June 1, at Casa do Artista, the website of the Lisbon Amusement Park. A platform with the goal to collect the opinion of citizens about what the Amusement Park in Carnide should have.

For Fernando Medina, hearing the citizens opinion is fundamental, because "the great challenge in this project is to find the true soul for the new house of the Amusement Park". 

The website has several video testimonies about the old Amusement Park, allows the follow-up of the project and invites everyone in filling an inquiry about the type of equipment and activities to be developed in the future Amusement Park. Considering the history of the previous houses of the Amusement Park, the website has also an area to collect testimonies, photos and other documents. 


A modern and quality amusement park

Fernando Medina remembered that the project, presented about seven months ago, will be in Carnide has "an opportunity to recover an area of the city that needs intervention" and advocates for "the new house of the Amusement Park a different and modern character, of high quality and excellence".

However, the goal is to build not only "a simple space where there are attractions and a food court", but "a prime urban space at the level of what is best done all over europe and world”, adding that “Carnide will have a great green space with attractions for the family and for those who like adrenaline and hospitality".

"A space by everyone and for everyone", says the Mayor, revealing that "during these seven months we have been working hard". The project is ready for "very high quality" green space with twenty hectares, located between Bairro Padre Cruz and the subway garages, with a lowering configuration that allows the creation of a physical barrier to protect residents of the surrounding area from noise. 

The project also foresees the total revision of the road system in that area and the construction of a oarking lot with over 1500 parking spaces, with a double objective: to serve the amusement park and at the same time to work as a "dissuasive element" for those who want to come by car, because it will be built next to the subway station. 


An amusement park with soul 

"From the beginning it was clear to us that the city didn’t need a theme park like Disney or in an uncharacterized area, the city wanted the return of the Lisbon Amusement Park", says Fernando Medina, stressing that this return must be a space where children have their attractions and their moments to celebrate birthdays or the end of the school year, and also a place where parents and grandparents can recover their memories. 

It isn’t just a clone of Palhavã or Entrecampos, warns Medina. "What is important for us in this project is the Soul of the Amusement Park", explaining that "the return of our Amusement Park" means getting to know the different memories and experiences of those who visited it, while seeking opinions about what citizens want in the new space of the Amusement Park. 

A new house that is capable of passing on the emotions that people lived, copy their memories and reflecting their wishes is, for the Mayor, "the most demanding and nuclear process in preserving the identity of the Lisbon Amusement Park".

The project "will only be worth it if the citizens take part in it, if each one gives his opinion, and then we are able to translate some of that feeling into what will be born there", says Fernando Medina in a real call for participation to all citizens.