Because Lisbon deserves

12 years after being closed, the amusement park is back to Lisbon with more space and new attractions, gathering tradition and modernity. A space that Lisbon wants and deserves, a space for all citizens but also for everyone visintg the city.

Porque Lisboa merece

Just five minutes away from Colombo shopping centre, with direct access by the subway blue line and served by the main roads of the city, the Lisbon Amusement Park will be located in Carnide, integrated in a green park with around 20 hectares. Fun and leisure with parking space and easy access, Lisbon deserves this! 

After being located in 1943 next to the current Praça de Espanha, at Palhavã, and moving in 1961 to Entrecampos, the amusement park will now have its "third house", which, besides a place of entertainment, will have a large leisure space four times larger than it was at Entrecampos. 

An ambitious project that already started to be developed and will combine modernity with tradition, with modern and high quality infrastructures.